How to Change Computer Screen Display Size

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change computer display size

Want to change the display size in Windows XP? It's not that complicated and is a basic computer skill those with a personal computer should learn. Changing the display size also changes the amount of objects viewed on the computer screen. And this can be a good thing. Let's get started.


Step 1

First display the properties box on the computer screen. Right click a free area on the screen with the computer mouse. The display properties box should pop up on the screen.

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Step 2

Next, click the setting button on the Display properties box. Go to the screen resolution slider. The larger the numbers that are set the more that will be displayed on the computer screen. Setting the resolution at a smaller number... for example, 800 x 600 will display less items on the computer screen but the objects that are displayed on the screen are much bigger than those displayed on a screen resolution set at 1021 x 768.


Step 3

Use the small computer preview screen located on the display properties box to check out how the new resolution will look on the computer screen. If satisfied click apply/Ok and close the display box.