How to Change Text Font and Size in InDesign

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How to Change Text Font and Size in InDesign. To add contrast or unity to a document, you can change the text font and size in Adobe InDesign. You may want the body of your text to be one typeface and size but change photo captions or pull quotes to another font family. You also can add a variation to the typeface, such as bold and italic, to emphasize some words.


Step 1

Select the Character palette (or you can select "Type" then "Character" from the InDesign menu).

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Step 2

Click inside the frame of text that you want to change using the Type tool (T).


Step 3

Choose "Edit" and "Select All" if you want to apply changes to everything within that frame. Or you can use the mouse to highlight only portions of the text.


Step 4

Make a typeface selection from the Character palette and any variation (bold, italic) from the "Type Style" menu in the same palette.

Step 5

Type the size in the "Font Size" menu within the InDesign Character palette.



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