How to Change Text Size on Internet Explorer

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Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11 include three methods for improving the legibility of text on Web pages. The simplest, zooming in or out, increases or decreases the size of everything on the page. Alternatively, IE has settings to change just the font size and typeface to help make sites easier to read, but these settings won't work on every page you visit.


Adjust the Zoom

To change the zoom level on any website in Internet Explorer, open the "Tools" menu resembling a gear icon, and choose "Zoom." Pick from one of the zoom levels or click "Custom" to enter a specific percentage. As a shortcut, press "Ctrl-Plus" and "Ctrl-Minus" to zoom in or out, respectively. If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, hold "Ctrl" while scrolling the wheel up or down for the same effect. Zooming in affects images as well as text, and might cause pages to flow improperly or not fit the screen as expected.


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Adjust the Font

Rather than zoom the entire page, press "Alt-V" to open the View menu and click "Text Size" to pick an alternate font size. To change the typeface as well, click the gear icon, click "Internet Options" and press "Fonts" in the Appearance section of the "General" tab. The effects of these settings vary based on the coding behind individual websites -- some sites might ignore your font or size changes, while others might erroneously alter image sizes as well.