How to Change the CMOS Battery in HP Laptops

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The CMOS battery is about the size and shape of a nickel.

Computers are eventually susceptible to a failing CMOS battery and HP laptops are no different. One of the main signs of a failing CMOS battery is needing to constantly reset the date and time on your HP laptop. If you are willing to put in time and work to partially disassemble the laptop, you can replace the CMOS battery yourself.


Step 1

Shut down your laptop and disconnect all power sources. Turn the laptop over and lay it face down.

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Step 2

Remove the screws that secure the hard drive cover and remove the cover. Take out the remaining screws that secure the hard drive to remove it.


Step 3

Locate the RAM (random access memory) and wireless card cover. This is often located in the center of the laptop. Remove the retaining screws and take off the cover.

Step 4

Remove the RAM module by spreading the retaining latches on each side. Tilt the RAM module at an angle and slide it out of its compartment.



Step 5

Disconnect the cables from the wireless card and remove the screws that secure the wireless card to the motherboard. Remove the wireless card from the laptop.

Step 6

Locate the CMOS battery. It is about the size of a coin and is secured by a clip. Unclip the CMOS battery and remove it from its compartment. Insert the new one and reassemble the laptop.




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