How to Change the Color of Text Using Adobe's InDesign

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You can use InDesign to change font color relatively quickly.
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Adobe InDesign is one of several powerful software applications found within the Adobe Creative Suite. Primarily intended to support publishing and typesetting activities, InDesign allows for a versatile array of tasks to be performed with relative ease. Although InDesign does not include the same types of graphics editing tools found in programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, it can easily be used in tandem with these applications to create a suite of creative resources.


If you are ready to begin customizing your fonts in InDesign, you can accomplish this task relatively easily. Using InDesign to change text color is a relatively straightforward process that requires very little effort on your part.

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You can use InDesign to change font color relatively quickly. The Swatch panel included in the software is a powerful editing tool which will allow you to make unique color combinations at the touch of a button.

Exploring The Fundamentals of InDesign

Because InDesign is primarily intended for use in the world of professional publishing, an extensive array of tools are at your disposal that will allow you to customize the orientation and appearance of your type. Whether you need to modify character spacing, vertical alignment, font weight, font color or a myriad of other parameters, you can do so using a specific series of panels within the InDesign interface.


The Swatches panel is the primary gateway to color settings for fonts in InDesign. Here, you can not only customize the fill color of text, but also the stroke color. This allows for a variety of creative designs, including the application of complex color gradients

Both the Swatches and the Stroke panel are often used interchangeably by designers to create unique, one-of-a-kind character sets for their publishing projects. Whereas the Swatches panel allows for extensive color editing opportunities, the Stroke panel is primarily intended to help users customize the weight of the stroke being used on the font itself.


Changing the Color of Text

If you are ready to use InDesign to change font color, your first step should be to open the document that you will be editing. If you are creating an entirely new publishing project, you can also do this at this point. Once your document is open, the next step will be to select the specific text that you are planning to modify. If the text has yet to be written, you may consider making a quick draft of your content so that you can further experiment with color options.



Now that your text appears in the document and has been selected, open the Swatches panel. The Swatches panel can be found in the main window of your interface on the right-hand side. It is here where you will find the vast majority of tools used to adjust the color of your text.

Use the drop-down menu to create a new name for the color swatch you will be creating. Once this is complete, select the specific type of color you will use for the font in question. For example, you have the opportunity to choose from spots colors, Pantone and more.


Following this selection, you will then select your specific Color Mode before using the available sliders to tweak and finalize the color that will be used on your fonts. Once you have finished adjusting your color section, you can press the OK button to add your specific swatch to the overall collection. Now you can instantly incorporate this color into your documents at the touch of a button.



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