How to Change the Date on Outgoing Mail in Outlook Express

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Many people rely upon email on a daily basis. Whether to keep in touch with colleagues, classmates, friends or family, it seems there is no escaping electronic communication. If you use email frequently, you may notice that some emails have weird dates and times on them. Or worse, you might be one of the people who sends email with incorrect dates. If your email has been sent with the wrong date, then all of the mail you've sent is saved on your computer with that incorrect date. Changing the date on these emails can be time consuming, but quite simple. Follow these steps to get started.


Step 1

Open Outlook Express and navigate to the list of messages that have dates you want to change.

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Step 2

Click on one of those emails. Drag it from Outlook Express onto your desktop.

Step 3

Right click on the email.


Step 4

Click "Open With."

Step 5

Choose the program called Notepad. The email will open, along with all of its headers. The date of the email is stored in the header.


Step 6

Change the date of the email as it appears in the header.


Step 7

Click "File" and then "Save."

Step 8

Close Notepad.

Step 9

Drag the email from the desktop back into Outlook Express. The email should now display the corrected date.

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