How to Change the Default Internet Explorer Window Size

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Internet Explorer is the leading web browser for computers using the Windows operating system. Over the years, its features and aesthetic options have grown to allow users a more personalized experience. One of the basic options for changing the appearance of Internet Explorer is modifying the size of the default window for the browser. Do you want Internet Explorer to open a small window at start-up or the largest size possible for your monitor? Learn how to set the opening window size and how to reset the size to default.


Step 1

Open the Start menu by clicking "Start" in the lower left part of the desktop.


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Step 2

Click "Run" to open the Run command field, then type in "iexplore."


Step 3

Click "OK" to run Internet Explorer. You can also open Internet Explorer through a shortcut if you have one available. This guide describes how to open the program through Run in case a shortcut cannot be found.


Step 4

Hover you mouse cursor over the lower right corner of the Internet Explorer window to make a double-pointed diagonal arrow appear. When the mouse cursor changes into the diagonal arrow, you can alter the size of the window.


Step 5

Click and hold the diagonal arrow, then move the mouse cursor to manually change the size of the window. Release when the window is set to your desired size.


Step 6

Click the square button in the upper right part of the Internet Explorer window to maximize the size of the window.


Step 7

Click the double square button in the upper right part of the Internet Explorer window to restore the window's size before it was maximized.


Step 8

Repeat steps 6 and 7 a couple of times, then close Internet Explorer by clicking the "X" button in the upper right part of the window. By switching back and forth from the maximized window and the window size you set, you are setting the default window for Internet Explorer. The next time you run Internet Explorer, it will open a window to your customized size.


Step 9

Click the "Start" button in the lower left part of the screen to open the Start menu.


Step 10

Click "Run" and type "regedit" into the field.

Step 11

Click "OK" to run the Windows Registry Editor.

Step 12

Expand the listing for HKey_Current_User by clicking the plus symbol.

Step 13

Continue expanding the registry tree until you have opened HKey_Current_User/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main.

Step 14

Look to the right-hand section of the window and highlight the entry "Window_Placement" with a left click. Right-click to bring up a menu and click "Delete." When you restart Internet Explorer, its window size will reset to default.


If you want Internet Explorer to default to a maximized window, maximize the window before closing.


Take care while editing your registry. Mistakes can be harmful to your computer's operation.