How to Change to 1080i on an RCA TV

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Television has come a long way since the days of bunny ears antennae.

High-definition (HD) televisions, such as the ones made by RCA, are used to display high-defintion signals from HD devices, such as Blu-ray players or HD cable boxes. Since it is only the job of the television to display the signal, you must change the signal's resolution on the device that is sending the signal. For this reason, you must use the menu in your high-definition device to change the display resolution to 1080i.


Step 1

Connect your high-definition device to your RCA television using your HDMI or Component cables. Connect one end of the cables to the ports on your device, and the other end to the ports on the back of your RCA television.

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Step 2

Turn on your television and high-definition device. Change the television to its HDMI or Component input channel, depending on which cable you used. You should now see the signal from your high-definition device on your television screen.


Step 3

Press the "Menu" button on your high-definition device's remote control. Select the "Video" setting on your device, and change your device's resolution setting to "1080i" in the video settings menu. The device will now display on your television in 1080i resolution.




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