How to Change Your Homepage on a Mac

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Take a bite of the apple.

Safari is the default browser included in your Mac's operating system. The default homepage for the browser is, which features all the latest news for Apple's products. Keeping up with Apple's success, however, probably isn't the first step you want to take in your cyber journey. Fortunately, changing your home page is as easy as taking a bite out of the apple.


Step 1


Double-click your browser, opening to the default home page. In the upper-left corner of your display is the word "Safari." Click on Safari and scroll down to "Preferences." Click "Preferences" to open a new window.


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Step 2

Change the homepage.

Click "General," which looks like a light switch and is the first tab on the left. Here is where you will find the name of your default web browser as well as such items as "New Windows Open With," "New Tabs Open With" and "Homepage." Note that "Homepage" is highlighted in aqua blue.


Step 3


Place your mouse over the aqua blue "Homepage." Double-click so it remains highlighted and press the "Delete" key. Type in the web address of the new homepage. For example, if you like learning something new every day, type the web address for E-how;



Step 4

After you've typed in the address, click the button underneath the "Set to Current Address" box and close the preferences box. Quit Safari and then reopen the browser. Your browser will open to the new homepage.

Step 5

Alternatively, download Firefox as an additional web browser. Click on the word "Firefox" on the top-left corner of the screen. Click on "Preferences" to open a new window. Click the "General" tab. Double-click in the "Homepage" box and delete the default homepage. Type in the address of the home page you prefer and click the "Use Current Page" box.

Things You'll Need

  • Mac OSX

  • Internet connection

  • Web browser software



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