How to Charge an iPhone on a Laptop

By Lara Webster

Your Apple iPhone serves many functions -- an iPod, game console and Internet provider, among others. All of these activities drain the battery on your device, which you normally charge via an electrical outlet with a power adapter. However, you can also charge your iPhone using your computer, including your laptop, as all iPhones come with a cable designed for computer charging. IPhones are also compatible with the cable that comes with classic and touch iPod devices.

Things You'll Need

  • Dock connector to USB cable

Step 1

Turn on your laptop and make sure that it is fully charged. If necessary, plug your laptop into a wall outlet; charging your iPhone takes a toll on your laptop's battery.

Step 2

Attach the long end of the dock connector to USB cable into the bottom of your iPhone.

Step 3

Plug the shorter end of the cable into a USB outlet on your laptop. Your iPhone automatically begins charging.

Step 4

Monitor the status of your iPhone charge by pressing the home button on the phone. A battery icon on the screen shows the progress -- once the icon is completely green, your phone is fully charged.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your iPhone does not charge when your computer goes into standby or sleep mode.

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