How to Chat on Badoo

By Paul Higgins

Learn how to start a conversation with another user while using either the Badoo mobile app or the Badoo website.

Badoo — a hybrid platform that is part social network and part dating site — lets you browse profiles of other Badoo users in your area and start conversations with them. You can chat on Badoo either by using the dedicated mobile app or Badoo's website.


Badoo limits the number of users you can contact each day. Increase your daily contact limit either by visiting your Badoo profile and linking your phone number, email address or other social network accounts to your Badoo account, or by purchasing a Super Powers subscription.

Chat Using the Mobile App

Step 1

Launch the Badoo app and open the menu.

Step 2

Tap Messages to reply to a conversation. Alternatively, start a new conversation with someone by selecting People Nearby, Encounters, Visitors, Liked You or Favorites.

Step 3

Profile Visitors screen.

Touch the photo of the Badoo user to visit her profile.

Step 4

Badoo user profile.

Touch the speech bubble icon.

Step 5

Conversation screen.

Type your message in the text field and touch the Send icon to send it.


Touch the + icon to send a photo. Badoo requires you to wait until a contact replies to your first message before you send a photo.

Chat on the Badoo Website

Step 1

Badoo user profile.

Click Chat Now on a user's profile.

Step 2

Conversation window.

Enter your message in the Write a Message field and click the Send button.


  • If you are a Super Powers subscriber, tick the Send This via Special Delivery check box to increase your message's visibility by displaying it at the top of your contact's list of unread messages.

  • Click the Smiley icon to add a free emoticon or paid sticker to your message.

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