How to Check Juno Email With POP or IMAP

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While Juno email can be accessed through the online webmail service, it is far more useful to access your email from an email client. Email clients are desktop applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail that download and send your emails without needing a Web browser open. Checking Juno email with a client requires you to set up the client with either POP or IMAP settings. Juno only allows for POP setup, rather than IMAP.


Step 1

Open your email client. Almost all email clients will start an account creation process the first time you open them.

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Step 2

Enter, when prompted, your name, email address and password. Your username is your login name, followed by "," such as:


Step 3

Enter, when prompted, the incoming server address as "" and the outgoing server address as ""

Step 4

Complete your setup using the default settings.