How to Check Voicemail With CenturyLink

By Thomas McNish

CenturyLink, formerly Embarq, is a telecommunications company that offers Internet and phone services for both residential and business purposes. One of the features that's included with CenturyLink phone service is voice mail. Voice mail is a lot like an answering machine, but with one crucial difference: Instead of messages being stored on a physical tape, they're stored in a digital database. If you have voice mail service with CenturyLink, you can check it easily.

Step 1

Pick up your phone's handset and listen for the dial tone. If you have a cordless phone, you may have to press the "Talk" button to get a dial tone.

Step 2

Dial "#55."

Step 3

Enter your PIN when prompted.

Step 4

Press "1" to hear your first message. Press "#" at any time during the message to pause it, and press "#" again to resume the message. Press "77" to rewind the message or press "88" to fast forward it.

Step 5

Press "1 "at the end of the message to play it again. Press "2" to save the message, or press "3" to delete it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check your CenturyLink voicemail from any phone by dialing your home phone number and pressing the "*" key while listening to your voice greeting.