How to Clean a Computer C Drive

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Computer's hard drive

The Windows operating system is installed the computer's drive traditionally labeled with the letter "C." By default, the temporary files resulted from running programs on your computer are stored on this drive. Such temporary files may occupy a lot of space on the hard drive. Windows has the system tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently clean up your computer.


Step 1

Log in to an administrator user account in Windows.

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Step 2

Click on the Windows "Start" button in the left corner.

Step 3

Click on "All Programs" and open "Accessories."


Step 4

Open "System Tools" and click on "Disk Cleanup."

Step 5

Select the "C:" drive on the prompt, and click on "OK." It may take one to three minutes to analyze the hard drive and bring up the "Disk Cleanup" window.



Step 6

Select the "Disk Cleanup" tab and check all boxes in the field "Files to Delete." Then click on "OK."

Step 7

Click on "Delete Files" to confirm disk cleaning. The "Disk Cleanup" window closes automatically when the process is complete.



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