How to Clean a Vizio LCD Screen

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Clean your Vizio LCD screen with special wipes.

Vizio carries a line of televisions and computers that come equipped with LCD screens, which use liquid crystal display to produce a clear, high-definition image. When the screen collects dust or fingerprints, a thorough cleaning is required. While a glass-cleaning routine may have been safe for your old glass-screened computer or TV, glass cleaners will cause permanent damage to an LCD screen. When you purchased your Vizio computer or TV, you should have also recieved a special screen-cleaning wipe. Additional wipes are available at any electronics store.


Step 1

Turn off your Vizio computer or TV.

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Step 2

Wipe the screen-cleaning wipe across the screen.

Step 3

Let the screen air-dry before turning the appliance back on.


If you don't have any screen-cleaning wipes, wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth misted with a light spray of screen-cleaning solution.