How to Clean Bose Speakers

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Bose speakers are excellent at providing wraparound sound in a room or series of rooms. Bose equipment is very sophisticated and must be handled and cared for carefully. Make sure you follow the specifications in the manual in order to keep the warranty valid.

Cleaning and Maintanence

Step 1

Unplug the speakers from the power source. Never use a wet cloth around electronics that are plugged into an outlet. Bose also recommends avoiding the use of any sprays near the system and never allowing liquids to spill into any openings.


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Step 2

Wet a soft cloth so it is lightly damp. Do not use too much water. Gently wipe the outside of the speakers. If the cloth is too wet and leaves moisture on the surface, dry with another cloth. The best examples of a soft cloth would be one that is lint-free and will not scratch the surface. A cloth diaper, old (clean) T-shirt or cotton towel would work well. Avoid coarse or synthetic materials.



Step 3

Vacuum the grille panels if dust collects. Be careful when doing this. Do not take the speakers apart. An outside vacuum will work fine. This does not need to be done often–just when you have buildup. The grille exists to keep dirt and dust out of the speaker's drivers. Bose does not recommend removing the grille to clean the drivers and doing so might render the warranty invalid.




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