How to Clean Urine From a Laptop

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Learn to clean urine from a laptop.

It is never good news to find that your pet has urinated on your laptop. In fact, in most cases, it is jolting and infuriating to find that your pet has left a puddle of urine on your laptop casing. Cleaning moisture from your laptop is hard enough, but cleaning urine adds a whole other level of complexity. It is important to act quickly when you find the urine on your laptop. Your ability to salvage your laptop depends on how quickly you clean up the liquid.


Step 1

Turn off your laptop immediately, then disconnect all cables and devices. Remove the battery pack from the bottom casing of the laptop and set it aside. It is important to disable all potential power sources to prevent any electrical damage.

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Step 2

Remove your laptop keyboard. Keyboard removal procedures vary greatly from laptop model to laptop model, so consult your laptop's manual for keyboard removal instructions. If keyboard removal and disassembly instructions are not available in your user's manual, consult your laptop manufacturer's website. Many computer manufacturers provide specific documents pertaining to each phase of the laptop's disassembly.


Step 3

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to disassemble the laptop completely, and remove and disconnect as much hardware as possible from the motherboard. Locate visible urine or moisture spots inside the laptop. Quickly soak them up with a towel, washcloth or thick paper towel.


Step 4

Lightly wet a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. Apply the swab to all urine-affected areas on your motherboard and hardware devices. Never pour rubbing alcohol directly onto the motherboard or hardware devices.


Step 5

Leave the components out to dry for 24 hours before re-assembling the laptop.

Step 6

Re-assemble the laptop, following the manufacturer's instructions.

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