How to Close Firefox

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The Firefox browser, made and distributed for free by Mozilla, offers customization options not available on other leading browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. According to the Mozilla website, more than 6,000 add-ons can be downloaded to alter the browser to suit the user.


Closing the Firefox browser usually takes just one simple step, but extra steps apply in some cases.

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Step 1

Click the red "X" in the top right-hand corner of the browser to shut down Firefox. As an alternative, right-click "Firefox" on your computer's task bar and click "Close."


Step 2

Wait a minute or so before opening other applications or browsers if you receive a message telling you Firefox is still running. Firefox sometimes takes a few seconds to shut down completely.

Step 3

Hold down "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" to open the Task Manager if Firefox appears to have closed, but is still running and not responding. Click the "Processes" tab. Click "Firefox.exe" in the program list, then "End process." Click "Yes" if a warning appears.