How to Connect a Dell Inspiron Laptop to a TV

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VGA cables carry only video.

The Dell Inspiron series of laptop computers are standard laptop computers with all the normal video output ports of a modern Laptop computer, including a Video Graphics Array (VGA) and Separate Video (S-Video) output port. Because of these output ports, it is possible to connect a Dell Inspiron laptop to a digital television set and use the TV as the laptop's monitor.


Step 1

Connect a standard VGA or S-Video cable into the VGA output port or S-Video output port on the Dell Inpiron laptop computer. Using S-Video will give you higher quality video and will most likely be a standard port on your TV.

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Step 2

Hook the other end of the S-Video or VGA cable into your TV set. Most modern TVs have a VGA input port or S-video port. If your TV has neither, then you'll need to use an adapter. If you don't need an adapter then all you need to do now is power on the TV and set it to the S-Video input.


Step 3

Hook the other end of the S-video or VGA cable into a VGA to RCA or S-Video to RCA adapter if your TV has neither a VGA nor an S-Video input port. All digital TVs will have an RCA input port.

Step 4

Hook the RCA cable from the adapter into the RCA input port on your television set. Note that the RCA cables are the Yellow (Video), White and Red (Audio) cables also known as Audio/Video (A/V) cables.

Things You'll Need

  • VGA cable

  • S-Video cable

  • VGA to RCA adaptor

  • S-Video to RCA adaptor