How to Connect a Pixma Mx310 Printer to a Wireless Network

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Sharing your Pixma MX310 printer across your wireless network will save you time and hassle, as you will be able to print from every computer in the home. This is done by using Printer Sharing features in your operating system to enable the connection, after which time everyone in your house can print to your Pixma MS310 concurrently.


Step 1

Click "Start" on the computer to which the Pixma MX310 is connected.

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Step 2

Click "Start," type "Network and Sharing Center" in the Search box, and press "Enter."


Step 3

Click "Manage Network Connections," right click your wireless network, and select "Properties." Check the box next to "File and Printer Sharing."


Step 4

Click "Printer Sharing" in the Network and Sharing Center and select "Enable."


Step 5

Click "Start," "Control Panel," and "Printers." Right click your Pixma MX310, select "Sharing," and select "Share this printer."



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