How to Connect a Polk Audio SoundBar to a TV

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You can connect the Polk Audio SoundBar to your TV to expand the audio capabilities of your home theater system. While TVs feature high-definition screens that allow them to display vivid colors and contrast, the built-in speakers often do not deliver as high a quality of sound. Connect the outputs from your TV to the control panel of the Polk to bring surround sound to your home theater setup.


Step 1

Look at the "Audio OUT" ports on your TV and determine if you only have standard RCA audio outputs that are circular in shape and have white and red colorings, or if you have a digital optical-out port.

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Step 2

Plug one end of the digital optical cable into the "Digital Optical" port on the rear of your TV. Alternately, plug one end of the audio cables into the "Audio OUT" ports on the TV.


Step 3

Insert the other side of the cable into the "Digital Optical" or "Audio IN" ports on the rear of the Polk sound bar.




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