How to Connect a Wireless HP Printer

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Wireless printers take a lot of the hassle out of setting up a home office. No longer are you limited to placing your printer within range of a cable--now you can place it anywhere with a wireless signal. Hewlett-Packard (HP) manufactures a variety of wireless printers, each of which can be set up using a wireless router or as a standalone device. Either way, connecting your wireless HP printer is usually not difficult.

Using a Wireless Router

Step 1

Ensure that your computer's wireless card is active and that your wireless router is turned on. Insert the HP setup CD provided with your printer (if using a Mac, connect the USB cable first). When the CD menu appears, click "Install Network/Wireless Device." Follow the installer's prompts.

Step 2

Connect the USB installer cable to your computer and printer when the installer prompts you to do so.

Step 3

Click "Finish" to complete the install, open a document, and print it.

Using an Ad Hoc Network

Step 1

Ensure that both your computer's and your printer's wireless signals are active. (This is usually indicated by a lighted "radio tower" icon or similar symbol.)

Step 2

Open your computer's control panel and select "Network and Internet."

Step 3

Click on "Connect to a Network," located under the "Network and Sharing Center" heading.

Step 4

Select the network "hpsetup" from the list of available networks.

Step 5

Install the printer software using the steps from Section 1. Open a document and print a test page.

Things You'll Need

  • HP wireless printer

  • Computer with wireless card

  • Wireless router (unless connecting via an ad hoc network)

  • USB installation cable


If your printer has been previously configured for a different network, you can reset it by holding down the Wireless "radio tower" button and pressing the "Resume" (picture of a page with an arrow pointing down) button three times, then releasing the "radio tower" button. If your HP model doesn't have these buttons, open its control panel, select "Network Setup" and "Restore Network Defaults."


If using a PC, do not connect the USB cable to your computer until the installer asks you to. Connecting to it early can cause problems with the installation process.

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