How to Connect Altec Lansing Speakers

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Altec Lansing makes a variety of speakers and headphone models.
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Altec Lansing makes a variety of speakers and headphone models. The speakers are separated into categories, with some being portable waterproof models, home smart speakers, home audio systems and larger professional audio systems. The connection process is different for each model type but overall is relatively simple and standard.

Altec Lansing Connect

The portable speakers are designed for indoor and outdoor use. The speakers are even waterproof, shockproof and are designed to handle variable temperatures. Drop one in the water and it actually floats which is a nice feature for boating.

The primary mode of function for these speakers is through a Bluetooth connection. Playing music from a phone is common but they also can connect through a USB or auxiliary audio cable. This means connection to an audio jack on a computer or sound system is easily accomplished. The Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker H2O pairing is the same as every other portable device they offer.

To connect through Bluetooth, access and activate the Bluetooth function on your device. Most modern smart devices have shortcuts in the primary menu. A list of available devices will display. Locate the Altec Lansing option and pair the devices. After the pairing is successful, any media played on the phone or other Bluetooth-capable device will transmit to the speaker.

To connect via the audio jack, plug one end to the speaker and the other to the media source. For example, a CD, MP3 or Smartphone player will transmit through the audio port to the speaker directly. The final option is a connection via USB. Plug the micro USB to the speaker and the USB to the music source. This connection is common for a computer that is lacking Bluetooth capabilities.

Connecting Home Audio Systems

Altec Lansing has several home models that serve a variety of functions. They offer a portable option that functions much like the outdoor speakers but it not weatherproof. Many people use this Altec Lansing computer speakers option but it also pairs with phones and other devices.

The home audio speakers use the same pairing as the portable speakers. The big difference is the ability to access satellite radio and to pair multiple speakers for surround sound, primarily on the Lightning Model. To pair via Bluetooth, the process does not change and the music source is used to identify and connect with the speakers. Play from your phone or any other device that is Bluetooth capable.

If the music is stored on a device without Bluetooth capabilities, the connection remains possible through an audio cord or a USB connection. Simply locate and connect to the correct ports to begin playing music.

Troubleshooting Connections

In rare cases, the connections will not function properly. Always pay close attention to the distance for Bluetooth connections. The outdoor speakers offer up to 100 feet of distance but maintaining a distance of several feet without interference ensures a higher quality connection. Otherwise, the wireless connection should function easily and emit a high-quality sound from the speakers.

Physical connections require a functioning cable and clean, functional ports. Ports on computers and other devices fail on occasion. Attempt playing through different ports if a failure is suspected. Cords that have made contact with water may also experience damage. Audio cords fail on occasion but they are prevalent and inexpensive to replace.

Try testing a new cord first and consider replacing any potentially damaged cords and connections. A high-quality connection will have no issue transmitting and playing music and audio through the speakers.