How to Connect Cable to a TV Without a Cable Input

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Convert a cable hook up to hook to your television.

Many new televisions no longer come with a coaxial cable connection port. This is because most electronic devices no longer use the lower-quality cable hook up. However, if you are using a lower tier cable package that does not use a cable receiver, you need to take the coaxial cable hook up and convert it into an RCA (composite) cable connection.


Step 1

Attach the coaxial cable into the coaxial cable connection port on the converter.

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Step 2

Hand tighten the cable into place. This secures the connection of the cable, preventing it from becoming disconnected while in use.


Step 3

Plug the RCA audio cables into the RCA connection ports on the converter. Insert the other ends of the cables into the "Video" port on the TV.


Step 4

Power on the television, press "Input" on the TV's remote control, then select "Video" and the cable programming appears on the television set.




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