How to Connect HDMI Inputs to Your Pioneer Plasma

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Use HDMI to connect a high-definition device to a Pioneer plasma TV.

Pioneer plasma high-definition television monitors are designed to accept HDMI connections from any source providing an HDMI output. Different output devices include DVD and Blu-Ray players, DVR boxes, game consoles and computer systems. The HDMI cable interface is designed to carry a full audio signal as well as a full high-definition video signal. Connecting an HDMI device to the HDMI input of a Pioneer plasma television requires an HDMI cable.


Step 1

Connect the HDMI output of a device such as a Blu-Ray player to one of the Pioneer TV's HDMI inputs with an HDMI cable.

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Step 2

Power on the Pioneer TV.

Step 3

Use the remote control to select the correct HDMI input source. This is often labeled "HDMI1," "HDMI2" and "HDMI3."


Step 4

Power on the external HDMI device. After a few seconds, the device's output signal will appear on the Pioneer plasma TV.

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