How to Connect Klipsch Speakers

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Use at least 18-gauge wire for runs up to 10 feet or 16 gauge for 20 feet.

Klipsch is the brand name for a line of high-end loudspeakers manufactured by the Indiana-based Klipsch Group. The speakers connect to a signal source, such as an audio-video receiver or power amplifier with two-strand speaker wire. Each Klipsch speaker is equipped on the back with a pair of terminals colored red for the positive wire and black for the ground or negative wire. The clips are mounted on springs to hold the speaker wires securely.


Step 1

Pull apart the two strands on the end of a speaker wire so that each is separate.

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Step 2

Remove about a half inch of plastic coating from the end of each strand with the wire strippers, then twist the small wires of each strand together. The wires or the plastic coating over them are typically two different colors.


Step 3

Push down on the red terminal on the back of the Klipsch to insert one of the wires into the hole under the clip, then release. Connect the second wire to the hole under the black terminal in the same way.


Step 4

Cut off the plastic coating on the two strands on the opposite end of the wire in the same manner as Step 2.


Step 5

Connect each strand to a terminal on an amplifier or receiver. The wire from the red terminal on the Klipsch must also be connected on the other end to the red terminal on the receiver or amplifier.




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