How to Connect TFC-T10 to RG6

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Connecting TFC-T10 to RG-6 cabling is a matter of using the right F adapter.

TFC-T10 is a type of coaxial cable laid by telecommunications companies to carry content to a home or business. Although the cabling is thicker than traditional RG-6 cable, TF can still be used indoors. It just has a little less pliability than what most people used to in coaxial products. You can mate the two types of cable by connecting them for use indoors. The process is simple.


Step 1

Locate the TFT-C10 cable entering the structure, usually at the lowest level of the building. Attic antenna drops are normally found hanging straight down, while incoming satellite or cable feeds can be seen protruding in from the side of the structure.

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Step 2

Screw in a male to male F connector to the TFC-T10 cable as far as it will go.

Step 3

Connect the RG-6 cabling to the other end of the male to male F connector. Route the RG-6 cable as needed to its destination.





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