How to Connect the Logitech X-530

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The Logitech X-530 is surround-sound speaker setup that consists of five satellite speakers and a high-excursion subwoofer that allows you to playback audio in high quality. Supporting a 70-watt 5.1 surround capabilities, and you can catch all the best sound effects in rich, full, clear sound. The Logitech X-530 connects so easily anyone can do it. Within minutes, take your computer movie or gaming experience to the next level with this theater-like sound experience.


Step 1

Connect the black plug of the rear right speaker into the black plug on the subwoofer.

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Step 2

Connect the yellow plug on the rear left speaker into the yellow input on the subwoofer.

Step 3

Connect the red plug of the front center speaker into the red input on the subwoofer.


Step 4

Connect the white plug of the front left speaker into the white input on the subwoofer.

Step 5

Connect the d-sub connector plug from the front right speaker into the d-plug connector on the subwoofer.


Step 6

Connect the green, black and orange input to the matching plugs on your computer. If you have a four-channel sound card, connect the green plug from the input audio cable to the front plug of the card and the black plug to the rear plug. Do not connect the orange input. If you are using a two-channel sound card, connect the green plug from the input audio cable to the "Line Out" jack on the sound card. Do not connect the green and orange plug.



Step 7

Plug the subwoofer power chord into the electrical power outlet.

Step 8

Place your subwoofer on ground around your computer desk. Position the front center speaker on top of your computer monitor.


Step 9

Place the left and right front speakers on the sides of the monitor. Position the left and right rear speakers behind you, making sure they are pointing toward the front left and right speakers.

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