How to Connect VLC to UPnP Server

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How to Connect VLC to UPnP Server
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VideoLan Client software, or VLC, can be used to watch streaming video hosted by a Universal Plug and Play server on your network. UPnP servers broadcast their availability, so opening a streamed video is simply a matter of finding it in VLC's options.

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Step 1

Launch the VLC software. If it automatically suggests that you update the software, do so; you'll want VLC 2.0 or higher for best results with UPnP playback.

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Step 2

Select "Playlist" from the "View" menu if you are using Windows, then select "Local Network" and "Universal Plug'n'Play" to bring up a list of available UPnP servers.

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Step 3

Click on the "Universal Plug'n'Play" entry, if you are using Mac OS X Mavericks, in the playlist window. If a sidebar does not appear, choose "Show Sidebar" from the View menu.

Step 4

Click on the server and title of the video you wish to view. It may take a minute or so for this list to update.