How to Contact Husky Tools

Husky Tools is a tool company that is owned and operated by Home Depot. It is Home Depot's in-house brand of tools, which makes everything from pressure washers to screwdrivers. Hucky Tools are only sold at Home Depot locations and on Home Depot's website. Home Depot has set up a toll-free number for Husky Tools customer service. This number can be used for questions about warranty claims or any other question you may have specifically about Husky Tools.

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Huskey Tools has a toll-free number for customer service.


Grab the tool and all related documentation for it and bring it with you to your telephone. Find and write down the SKU on the tool itself, as well as the product name and model number. Having your receipt with you is also a good idea.


Dial 1-888-HD-HUSKY (434-8759) on your telephone. This will put you through to an automated customer service system.


Listen to all of the options presented to you and dial the corresponding number to be connected to the right department at Husky Tools.

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