How to Convert a DVD to Blu Ray

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Blu-Ray discs are a new form of media storage that are extremely high capacity. This means that they can store large amounts of information, including high-definition video. While standard DVDs are unable to carry the same high definition video that commercially available Blu-Ray discs can, they can still be converted to be read on a Blu-Ray disc. In addition, one Blu-Ray disc can hold the contents of several DVDs.


Step 1

Get a DVD Ripper. One such program is Flash DVD Ripper (see Resources). For the page in the resources, click the link that says "Free Download Trial." This will start a download for the program's installer. Open up that file to install the program. Another program which works similarly is Magic DVD Ripper (see Resources).

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Step 2

Rip your DVD file to ISO format. To do this, open your DVD ripper, go to the file menu, select "Open" and then select your DVD (usually in the D drive). Then, in the "Save as" drop down menu, select "Save as .iso." Then click "Convert."


Step 3

Open your Blu-Ray burner. A commonly used option is Nero (see Resources). In almost all cases, a Blu-Ray burning-drive will come with its own software which you can also use.

Step 4

Configure your program to make a Blu-Ray from other video files. In the case of Nero, the start-up window will allow you to pick from several options, one of which will be "Create a video Blu-Ray from files." Select that option.

Step 5

Add your DVD file. To do this, click the "+ file" button on the window and then select the ISO file that you created in Step 1 from the menu that appears.

Step 6

Burn the disc. Add an empty Blu-ray disc to your burner, and then click "Create disc."

Things You'll Need

  • Flash DVD Ripper

  • DVD burner