How to Convert a Legal Size PDF Document to Letter Size?

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A legal-size PDF document measures 8.5 inches-by-14 inches. This is larger than the average printer and letter-size paper. If you received a legal-size PDF document but don't have legal-size paper, the print will cut off part of the document. You can reformat the size with Adobe Acrobat or Reader ( so that you can print it on a letter-size sheet.


Step 1

Open the Adobe Acrobat or Reader application.

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Step 2

Open the legal-size document you wish to edit.

Step 3

Click "Printer," then "Print" and "Properties."



Step 4

Click "Advanced" and check the box next to "Letter." Click "OK." This will change the legal-size PDF document to a letter size. Click "Print" if you wish to print the document.




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