How to Convert a Word Table to a JPEG

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Convert a Microsoft Word table to JPEG format.

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processing programs. It allows users to create letters, memos, brochures, envelopes, and many other types of printed documents with ease. Word documents often contain tables, displaying financial information, calendars, or other structured data. Although Word cannot natively save such tables to JPEG format, using the program in conjunction with Windows' free Paint application allows you to achieve the same outcome.


Step 1

Open the document containing the table in Microsoft Word.

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Step 2

Scroll down until the entire length and width of the table appear on-screen.

Step 3

Press the "Prnt Scrn" button. This action saves a snapshot of your screen's content to the Windows clipboard.


Step 4

Open Microsoft Paint by clicking the Windows "Start" button and opening the following: "Programs" > "Accessories" > "Paint."

Step 5

Click "Edit" in the top menu bar and select "Paste." The screen contents you captured in Step 3 are pasted into Paint.


Step 6

Click the "Select" tool icon, located in the left-hand toolbar. The icon is represented by a rectangle with dashed borders.


Step 7

Place the cursor at the top-left corner of the table, click and hold, and then drag your mouse until you reach the bottom-right corner of the table. Release your click to select the table.


Step 8

Click "Image" in the top menu bar and select "Crop."

Step 9

Click "File" in the top menu bar and select "Save." Give the file a name, select a save location, and then click the "Save as type" drop-down menu and select the "JPEG" option.

Step 10

Click the "Save" button to save your Microsoft Word table image as a JPEG.

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