How to Convert an XFDL or XML to a PDF

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To convert files on your computer to the Portable Document Format file format, you need to have a PDF print driver installed. When Adobe Acrobat, or other open source PDF creation software such as CutePDF, is installed, a PDF print driver is also installed. The PDF print driver enables converting documents to the PDF format from any printing application. An XFLD file is an Extensible Form Language file that describes a legally binding form. An XML file is an Extensible Form Language data file. Both files are text-based and viewable in a text editor, such as Notepad. However, you do not even need to open the files to convert them to the PDF format.


Step 1

Right-click on the XFDL or XML file to show the File context menu.

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Step 2

Click the "Print" option. The Printer dialog box opens.

Step 3

Click the "Printer Name" drop-down box and then click the "PDF print driver" from the list of available printers. A File Save dialog box opens.


Step 4

Type a name for the PDF file into the "File Name" input box.


Step 5

Click the "Location" folder icon and navigate to the location where the PDF file will be saved.

Step 6

Click the "Save" button. The XML or XFDL file is converted to the PDF format and saved in the specified location.

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