How to Convert Keystrokes Per Hour to WPM

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Typing speed can be measured in multiple ways.

You may measure your typing speed in many ways, including keystrokes per hour (KPH) and words per minute (WPM). This can cause headaches when you recorded your speed in KPH and need to know your speed in WPM. Because different words have different numbers of letters, it may seem as if it is difficult to know how many words your KPH rate represents.


Fortunately, the WPM measurement isn't based on the actual number of words typed. Instead, it assumes that each five characters represent a word. Because of that, you can convert KPH to WPM with simple math.

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Step 1

Measure your typing speed in KPH. You can do this with a typing program, an online typing test or by hand.


Step 2

Divide your KPH by 60. The result is your number of keystrokes per minute because 60 minutes are in one hour.


Step 3

Divide your keystrokes per minute by 5 to find your WPM. The WPM measurement is based on five-letter words. So every five keystrokes equal one "word." If your keystrokes per minute total is 400, for example, then your WPM is 80.




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