How to Convert MP3 File to Words

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You won't have to manually transcribe any audio if you have a transcription program.

The process of converting audio into text is called transcription and it can be very useful at certain times. Courtroom stenographers use transcription to log trial hearings and journalists transcribe their recorded interviews before selecting which quotes to use for publication. To convert an MP3 into words, you'll need a digital transcription program. These programs can be found at most electronic and computer stores and you can also download free programs online.


Step 1

Install a digital transcription program onto your computer. The more expensive programs tend to work better than cheaper programs, but that doesn't mean you can't find a free trial for download online. If you only need to convert a few MP3 files, look for a free trial that allows full functionality for a limited amount of time opposed to a trial version that allows limited functionality but indefinite usage. Make sure the program supports MP3 files.

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Step 2

Launch your transcription software.


Step 3

Click on "File" and select "New."

Step 4

Browse through your computer files and select the MP3 you want to convert into words. Double-click on the file name to import it into the software.

Step 5

Click the "Transcribe" button. The MP3 will convert to text and you will see it on a text document within the program. The amount of time it takes for the MP3 to convert to text depends on the size of the file and the speed of your program.


Step 6

Highlight the text with your mouse cursor, then right-click on your mouse and select "Copy."

Step 7

Open a word processing program and right-click on your mouse and select "Paste."

Step 8

Read through your converted MP3 and edit anything that needs to be edited. It's highly unlikely that your transcriber converted your MP3 into text flawlessly.

Step 9

Save your file once you're done editing it.


Don't expect the program to create a perfect transcription of your MP3, especially if you're using a free version. And the more expensive programs will actually have to be trained for a specific voice before it accurately transcribes anything.