How to Convert Number to Text in Access Query

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You can change field type using a query.

Microsoft is a powerful and widely used database program and the query function is one of the most useful parts of the program. Database administrators and ordinary users can use the query function to get real-time information from the database; queries can even display the data in an alternative format. Converting a numeric field to text can make the query results more useful and easier to transfer to other programs.


Step 1

Log on to your computer and open the Microsoft Access database you want to use. Click on the "Queries" section of the database.

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Step 2

Double-click "Create query in design view" and choose the table on which the query will be based. Double-click each field you want to display in the query.


Step 3

Place the cursor in the first blank column and type "TextField: Cstr([NumberField])" in the "Field" box. Replace "TextField" with a descriptive name and "NumberField" with the name of the numeric field. For instance, if the numeric field is called "Cost," the command would be "CostText: Cstr([Cost])"



Step 4

Click the "Save" button on the toolbar to save the query. Give the query a descriptive name. Double-click the new query to run it.




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