How to Convert Pictures to Shapes With Visio

By Bruce Emmerling

Microsoft Visio offers a large range of tools for creating professional-looking diagrams, charts and drawings. In Visio, designs and drawings are produced from shapes. Shapes can have relationships with other shapes or become a member of a group of shapes. They can be created from imported images, and Visio supports most image file types. To work with an image as a shape, it first needs to be converted.

Things You'll Need

  • Image file in JPEG format

Step 1

Open Microsoft Visio 2010 by clicking on the Visio icon in the start menu.

Step 2

Create a new drawing by selecting "Blank Drawing" at the bottom of the opening screen.

Step 3

Select the "Insert" sub-menu from the top navigation menu. Click the picture icon.

Step 4

Select an image file from the directory window. Choose "OK" to import the image.

Step 5

Resize the image by clicking on the corner buttons. Place the imported image on the drawing area by moving the mouse to the desired location.

Step 6

Select the image by clicking the right mouse button. Select "Group" from the pop-up window. Choose the "Group" option.

Tips & Warnings

  • Converting an image into a Visio shape allows the image to be connected to other shapes. Images that are vector graphics work better as shapes than raster images.
  • An image shape takes up more memory and can slow down Visio.