How to Convert PST File to Excel

By Shannon du Plessis

You may need to convert your PST file in Outlook to an Excel file to do something with your data, such as creating a list of mailing addresses. The Outlook PST (personal storage table) file is a database containing your Outlook data such as contact info, calendar entries and email messages.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Export Your PST File from Outlook

Step 1

From Outlook, click the File menu and select "Import and Export."

Step 2

Select "Export to a File" on the Import and Export Wizard.Click "Next."

Step 3

Select "Microsoft Excel 97-2003" as the file type to create on the Export to a File dialog box.Click "Next."Your PST folders will display in a directory tree.

Step 4

Select the data you want to export from the directory tree.For example, if you want to export your address list to Excel, select the Contacts folder.Click "Next."

Step 5

Type a name for your data file. You can click the "Browse" button to view your computer and select a folder in which to save the file. If you are exporting your contacts to Excel, you might name the file "My Contacts." The file type will already be "Excel 97-2003" based on your selection in step 3.Click "OK" to save the file and click "Finish" to complete the export.

Import Your Outlook Data Into Excel

Step 1

Open Microsoft Excel.Click the Office button and select "Open."

Step 2

Navigate to the location of the file you created when you exported your data from Outlook.Select the file and click "Open."

Step 3

Your data will display in Excel, where you can work with it. If you exported your contacts, for example, you can work with your data in Excel to create a mailing list.

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