How to Convert .RDF to .PDF

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RDF (Report Definition) files are spreadsheets of data usually created by Oracle Database. If you want to share your spreadsheet data with someone else who doesn't have Excel or Oracle Database, or if you want to distribute data in such a way that people viewing the file cannot make any changes to it, a PDF file is a common and popular choice. Converting an RDF file to a PDF takes just a few minutes using Microsoft Excel.


Step 1

Open your RDF file in Oracle Database.

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Step 2

Go to "File", "Generate to File", "Delimited." Name your new file and save it in a location you will be able to locate later.


Step 3

Open Microsoft Excel.

Step 4

Go to "File", "Open", and select the file you just saved in step 2, then click "Open".


Step 5

Correct any formatting, if needed, so your spreadsheet looks the way you want it to appear in your PDF file.


Step 6

Go to "File", "Save As", and choose "Portable Document Format (*.pdf)" from the "Save as Type" drop-down menu. Name your file and click "Save".

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