How to Convert Voice to Text on an iPhone

For some users, speaking comes more naturally than texting via the iPhone's onscreen keyboard, meaning that what would take seconds to say could take minutes to type. With the aid of Siri, you can use the iPhone's dictation feature to convert speech to text in any app that uses the onscreen keyboard. To use the dictation feature, you must use an iPhone 4S or higher along with the iOS 7 operating system.

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Step 1

Tap the "Microphone" key, located to the left of the spacebar, when using the onscreen keyboard to enable dictation.

Step 2

Speak the words that you want Siri to convert to text. Keep in mind that any words not commonly found in the U. S. dictionary may not show up correctly in text form.

Step 3

Add punctuation to your text by saying it out loud. For example, speaking the word "comma" or "period" will add a comma or period to your text.

Step 4

Tap "Done" to finish using the dictation feature.


You can insert emoticons into your text while dictating by saying "smiley," "frowny" and "winky."

If the dictation feature is not available, verify that Siri is on. Tap "General" followed by "Siri" in the Settings application.

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