How to Convert WFM Files

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Tektronix is a company that produces oscilloscopes. These machines produce files in a proprietary file format known as .wfm. These .wfm files cannot be opened by more common computer applications. However, you can convert .wfm files into a few other file types including text files (.txt), comma-separated files (.csv), MATCAB and MATLAB files. These output file types are much more commonly used than the .wfm file format.


Step 1

Download and install the Tektronix Windows Oscilloscope WFM Converter from the following URL:

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It is a free application that will allow you to convert .wfm files.


Step 2

Double-click the WFM converter .exe file and open up the command line in Windows.

Step 3

Select the .wfm file you would like to convert by entering the location and file name into the command line. For example, "ConvertTekWfm [ /c:/files | samplefile.wfm [ /TXT] [samplefile.txt]". The location for .wfm file c:/files and the file name is "samplefile.wfm".



Step 4

Select the output file type by entering the second argument in the command line. For example, "ConvertTekWfm [ /c:/files | samplefile.wfm [ /TXT] [samplefile.txt]". In this case, "[/TXT]" is the output file format.

Step 5

Click "Enter" and the conversion should take place. Locate the file on your computer to make sure the conversion worked properly.



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