How to Convert WPL Files to MP3

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A WPL file is a Windows Playlist for the Windows Media Player. An MP3 file is a compressed audio file type that retains much of its original quality, while being smaller in size than other lossless file types such as waveform. Using the Windows Playlist file you can recover, rather than convert, your existing MP3s. If a path is saved in the WPL file, the audio file is saved on the hard drive. Recover the MP3 file by opening the location of the audio file.


Step 1

Double-click on the WPL file. The file opens in Windows Media Player and begins playing the first song on the list.

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Step 2

Click the "Library" tab on the top navigation bar in Windows Media Player. The Library interface opens.


Step 3

Navigate to the song in the Library that you want to recover and right-click on the song.

Step 4

Click the "Open File Location" option. A Windows Explorer window opens to display the folder where the MP3 file is located.



Step 5

Right-click on the MP3 file and click "Copy." Navigate to a new location for the file; right-click and then click "Paste."




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