How to Copy and Paste a Check Mark

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Place a check mark in your document by copying and pasting.

The keyboard has many symbols on it, most of which can be typed by holding down the "Shift" button while typing another key. One relatively common symbol that does not appear on the standard keyboard, however, is the check mark. Check marks can come in handy when typing certain documents that contain bullet points or lists. But even though you can't type a check mark symbol from the keyboard itself, you can still copy an existing check mark and paste it into your document.


Step 1

Open your word processing program and create a new document.

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Step 2

Open the document or website page that you want to copy your check mark from.

Step 3

Click and hold the left mouse button while simultaneously dragging your cursor over the check mark symbol that you want to copy. This will highlight the check mark.


Step 4

Press "Ctrl" and "C" together on your keyboard to copy the image. Navigate back to your word document.

Step 5

Place your cursor in the spot where you want the check mark to appear, and press "Ctrl" and "V" together to paste the image. Your check mark symbol should now be copied and pasted into your document.