How to Copy and Paste With a Batch File

By Kevin Lee

Windows copies and pastes objects as well as text and graphics. Using your mouse, you can select a group of files in one folder and paste them into another. The Xcopy command also copies files from one location to another. If you want to automate your copy-and-paste operations and speed up your workflow, embed the Xcopy command in a batch file. You can then execute that file manually or let Windows run it during start-up.

Step 1

Open Notepad and type the following text:@echo offxcopy CopyFrom CopyToReplace "CopyFrom" with the name of the file or folder that you want to copy . Replace "CopyTo" with the name of the destination folder. For example, to copy C:\MyFiles\xyz.txt to C:\Temp, type "Xcopy C:\MyFiles\xyz.txt C:\Temp."

Step 2

Click "File" and select "Save." The "File Save" dialog window will open. Navigate to your Desktop folder and double-click it to select it.

Step 3

Type "xyz.bat" in the "File Name" box. Replace "xyz" with any descriptive name.

Step 4

Click "Save." Notepad will save the batch file to your desktop. Double-click the file and Windows will perform the copy-and-paste operation.

Tips & Warnings

  • Copy and paste multiple files by adding additional Xcopy commands to the batch file. To execute the batch file when Windows starts, place it in your Start folder.