How to Copy and Paste With Alt

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In most computer operating systems you can copy and paste data from one place to the other, usually using the keyboard combinations "Ctrl" + "C" and "Ctrl" + "V." This technique works in almost every program, and can be used to transfer almost any type of information, from bitmap or text data all the way to complete folder structures. But if your Ctrl keys are both broken or you have an irrational fear of the lower corners of your keyboard, you'll find this combo hard to execute. Fortunately, there's another way--using the Alt keys instead.


Step 1

Open a word processor or text editing program. Type some text and highlight it with your mouse or with the "Shift" and arrow keys.

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Step 2

Press "Alt" + "E." This will open the Edit menu on your program's menu bar. Notice that one letter from every entry in the menu is underlined. Pressing the corresponding key will select the option just as if you'd clicked on it.


Step 3

Press the "C" key. This will copy the highlighted text to the clipboard.


Step 4

Move your cursor to the location in the document where you wish to paste the copied text. Press "Alt" + "E" again, this time followed by the "P" key, to paste.




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