How to Copy Pictures to a DVD

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DVDs can store hundreds and hundreds of photos.

A great way to back up important information like photos and documents saved on your computer is to burn them to a blank DVD. Computers tend to crash from time to time, and with hackers constantly inventing new viruses your computer may get infected, destroying your files. Using a blank recordable DVD to store important information that you want to keep or share with others ensures that if something happens to your computer, you have a copy of the files.


Step 1

Purchase a case of blank recordable DVD-R discs. These come in a variety of sizes, so you buy a pack with five discs or a pack with 100. You can find these at most office supply stores or electronics stores.

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Step 2

Start "Windows Media Center."


Step 3

Insert a blank DVD-R in the drive.

Step 4

Click the "Burn a CD or DVD," scroll to "Tasks" and click "Burn CD/DVD."

Step 5

Click "Data DVD" and click "Next."


Step 6

Type the name of your DVD and click "Next."


Step 7

Click the type of digital media file that you want to add to the DVD and click "Next."

Step 8

Select the pictures that you want to add to the DVD and click "Next."


Step 9

Click "Burn DVD."

Step 10

When the process is complete, click "Done."



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