How to Create a Bluetooth Virtual Serial Port

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Add a Bluetooth Virtual Serial Port in Windows 7

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that eliminates the need for wires and cables when establishing serial connections. Bluetooth also provides other services such as simple file transfer. Each time a Bluetooth device is connected to a computer, a virtual serial port must be created. The virtual serial port can be configured manually in a few steps.


Step 1

Select the "Globe" start button, then select "Control Panel," and then double-click the "Hardware and Sound" icon.

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Step 2

Select "Bluetooth Devices" in the window that appears.


Step 3

Click the "Com Ports" tab and select the "Add" button.

Step 4

Click the radio button labeled "Incoming (device initiates the connection," if the device that will use the serial port is configured to discover the computer or the "Outgoing (computer initiates the connection)" radio button if the computer is configured to discover the device that will use the serial port. Click the "OK" button. A new virtual serial port has now been created.





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