How to Create a Custom ScreenTip in Microsoft Word

By Nick Peers

Use ScreenTips to display information about specific elements in your document in Microsoft Word 2013 -- for example, you can display more information about a word or phrase when the reader hovers the mouse over it or you can offer information about an image. A ScreenTip is a hyperlink that points to itself. When the reader clicks the link, it changes its color and the insertion cursor is positioned at the beginning of the word.

Step 1

Launch Word 2013 and open the document you wish to edit. To open a document, click **File** and select **Open** from the menu; select a Word document and click **Open**.Select the element you wish to edit -- you can select words, phrases, images and other objects. Switch to the **Insert** tab and click the **Bookmark** button in the Links group to display the Bookmark dialog.

Step 2

Type a name for the new bookmark in the Bookmark Name field. Bookmark names can only start with a letter and cannot contain spaces; they can, however, contain numbers. Click the **Add** button.

Step 3

Click the **Hyperlink** button in the Links group to display the Insert Hyperlink dialog. Alternatively, press **Ctrl-K** to display the dialog.

Step 4

Click the **ScreenTip** button and then type the ScreenTip in the ScreenTip Text field. The selected words are displayed in the Text to Display field. Click **OK** to save the ScreenTip.

Step 5

Click the **Place in This Document** to view the bookmarks. Select the bookmark you created earlier and then click the **OK** button.

Step 6

If the ScreenTip doesn't appear when you mouse over the element, you need to enable an option that shows them. To do so, click **File** and select **Options** from the menu.

Step 7

Select **Display** from the left pane and then check the **Show Document Tooltips On Hover** box to enable the option. Click **OK** to apply the changes and display the ScreenTips.

Tips & Warnings

  • To change the color of the hyperlink, select it, click the "Font Color" button in the Font group on the Home tab and select a different color. To remove the hyperlink, click the "Underline" button in the Font group or press "Ctrl-U."
  • Add as many ScreenTips as you like to various elements in your document using the same bookmark. You can create more bookmarks if you need different tips.
  • To add the ScreenTip to an image, select the image, click "Hyperlink" in the Links group on the Insert tab and follow the same procedures to create the tip. You can add the screen tip to any element in the document, including objects and shapes.