How to Create a Gift Certificate in Microsoft Word

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A Word gift certificate template is your blank slate.
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The trend toward giving thanks or recognizing a prize winner may be running toward little plastic cards or even mobile coupons, but don't rule out the ability to make someone's day with a paper gift certificate. You don't have to take out a line of credit to credit someone else when you tap into Microsoft Word 2013's template collection. Customize one of Word's included gift certificate designs into something matches both your occasion and the recipient.


Step 1

Launch Word 2013 and type "gift certificate" into the search box. Scroll through the options or the Category column on the right and double-click the one closest to your design idea. More specific search terms, such as "salon gift certificate," return fewer results. All of Word's templates are customizable, which means you can start with a generic one and tweak it to your goals.

Step 2

Click the "View" tab, then click the "One Page" button, showing a full view of what template you're working with. Seeing the full screen may be especially helpful if you chose a gift certificate template with several certificates per page. Click the "Zoom" button and zoom in on the certificate, or the top certificate in multiples.


Step 3

Highlight the generic text that may be present on the template, such as the words "A gift from." Type your name or business here. Check the rest of the certificate, as generic terms for "Recipient," "Date," "Address" and more may be present, depending on the template. Type over all generic details or delete them to remove them from the template.

Step 4

Right-click a generic image present on the certificate. Click "Change Picture," which opens the Insert Pictures window. To add an image of your own, such as a business logo or a photo of the person receiving the certificate, click the "Browse" button by "From a file." Browse to the image and double-click it to add it to the certificate. Otherwise, type a term into the Clip Art search field, such as "Massage." Search for something related to the gift certificate and add it.


Step 5

Click on any elements left over on the certificate template that you do not want and press the "Delete" key. To delete several items together, hold down the "Ctrl" key, click each item and then press the "Delete" key. Add more design to the certificate by clicking the "Design" tab and clicking the "Colors," "Fonts," "Themes" or "Page Color" buttons. You can also click the "Insert" tab and add images and clip art from the ribbon.

Step 6

Zoom out and highlight the entire top certificate, if you are working on a template with several certificates per page. Press the "Ctrl-C" keys to copy all of the elements you just changed and added. Highlight the next certificate on the page and press the "Ctrl-Z" key. This step pastes your custom certificate over the generic one. Repeat for any additional certificates on the page. Skip this step if your certificate setup is one to a page.


After creating the certificate, you’ll need to get it from screen to the hand of your giftee. To ensure your printed certificate makes an impact, consider using some heavier, decorative cardboard paper, or paper with bright colored backgrounds or designs.

Cardstock also comes in perforated options, which may make multiple gift certificates printed on a single page easier to separate. Make sure that the perforations line up with the template you have chosen.


These instructions are written for Microsoft Word 2013 users. Earlier or later versions of the software may behave differently.


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